DECEMBER 14, 2023

Please sign and distribute this letter initiated by York University allies and Faculty for Palestine in solidarity with eleven comrades who were arrested for allegedly postering a Toronto Indigo bookstore. The letter condemns Toronto Police Services for  arresting and laying criminal charges against the eleven and calls for the charges to be dropped. It also denounces York University’s suspension of three York employees, who were among the charged, and calls for their immediate reinstatement. 

Toronto police carried out the arrests in pre-dawn raids of their homes. As reported in Breach Media, “Front doors were broken, computers and cell phones were confiscated, and anyone present was placed in handcuffs, including the elderly, leaving disturbed and distressed families in their wake.” The letter calls out the actions of the Toronto Police as a strategy to attack the growing Palestine solidarity movement by creating a climate of fear.

The letter condemns the characterization of Palestine solidarity as anti-semitic and provides context for the targeting of Indigo: “Indigo has long been subject to civil society protests based on the fact that its founder and CEO also co-founded a charity that directly supports the Israeli military. The HESEG foundation, and its Lone Soldier program, provide direct financial support to foreign volunteers to the Israeli Defense Forces.”

The 600+ signers to date demand that the charges “be dropped immediately and call for the police to publicly apologize for these acts of intimidation and harassment.”  The signatories also call on York University to honour its “core value ‘to advance social justice and equity through critical insight.. and socially responsible action’ and stand behind workers and alumni fighting these political charges.”

Please sign and share this letter even if you do not have a York affiliation.

York University Allies and Faculty for Palestine Joint Sign-On Letter: End the Suspensions, Drop the Charges.


  1. Abigail B. Bakan, Professor, University of Toronto
  2. Deborah Cowen, Professor, University of Toronto
  3. Gavin Fridell, Professor, St. Mary’s University
  4. Amanda Glasbeek, Associate Professor, York University
  5. Sam Gindin, Professor Emeritus, York University
  6. Luin Goldring, Professor, York University
  7. Larry Haiven, Professor Emeritus, Saint Mary’s University
  8. Ilan Kapoor, Professor, York University
  9. Avi Lewis, Associate Professor, University of British Columbia
  10. Sheryl Nestel, Affiliated Scholar, New College, University of Toronto
  11. Alejandro Paz, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
  12. Jillian Rogin, Associate Professor, University of Windsor
  13. Alan Sears, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
  14. Rebecca Schein, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  15. Donald Swartz, Professor emeritus, Carleton University
  16. Peter Vandergeest, Professor Emeritus, York University
  17. Anna Zalik, Associate Professor, York University
  18. Greg Bird, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  19. Jake Pyne, Assistant Professor, York University
  20. Claire Mumme
  21. Tess Sheldon, Assistant Professor, University of Windsor
  22. Steven Tufts, Associate Professor, York University
  23. Mark Thomas, Professor, York University 
  24. Irina Ceric, Assistant Professor, University of Windsor
  25. Vincent Wong, Assistant Professor, University of Windsor
  26. John Simoulidis, Associate Professor, York University
  27. Susan Ingram, Professor, York University
  28. Herman Rosenfeld, Retired CAW National Staff, Education Department
  29. Audrey Laurin-Lamothe, Associate Professor, York University
  30. Greg Albo, Associate Professor, York Uiversity
  31. Stefan Kipfer, Professor, York University
  32. Catriona Sandilands, Professor, York University
  33. Sailaja Krishnamurti, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
  34. Samantha King, Professor, Queen’s University
  35. Jin Haritaworn, Associate Professor, York University
  36. Dayna Nadine Scott, Associate Professor, York University
  37. Marcia Macaulay, Associate Professor, York University
  38. Mary Louise Adams, Professor, Queen’s University 
  39. 3rd year PhD student and Teaching Assistant, English Department, at York University 
  40. Liette Gilbert, Professor, York University
  41. Sarah Rotz, Assistant Professor, York University
  42. Pablo Idahosa, Professor Emeritus, York University
  43. Dennis Pilon, Professor, York University
  44. Rianne Mahon, Carleton University
  45. Jeffrey Monaghan, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  46. Ajay Parasram, Associate Professor, Dalhousie University 
  47. Kanishka Goonewardena, Professor, University of Toronto 
  48. Linda Freeman Emeritus Professor Carleton University
  49. Susan Spronk, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
  50. Kelly Fritsch, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  51. Jill Glessing, Faculty, Toronto Metropolitan University
  52. Rebecca Hall, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
  53. Aaron Doyle, Professor, Carleton University
  54. Jenny Foster, Associate Professor, York University 
  55. Kevin Moloney contract faculty York University
  56. Suzan Ilcan, Professor, University of Waterloo
  57. Roger Keil, Professor, York University
  58. Shubhra Gururani, Director, York Centre for Asian Research 
  59. Blair Rutherford, Professor, Carleton University
  60. Deborah Brock, Associate Professor, York University
  61. Laam Hae, Associate Professor, York University
  62. Nisha Nath, Associate Professor, Athabasca University 
  63. Shireen Hassim, Canada150 Research Chair, Carleton University
  64. Raju J Das, Professor, York University 
  65. Zoë Newman, Contract Faculty, York University
  66. Emilie Cameron, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  67. Rania Tfaily, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  68. Charlotte Smith, PhD Student, York University 
  69. Honor Ford-Smith Associate Professor Emerita, York University
  70. Christo El Morr, York University
  71. Nahida El Assi, teacher trainer and researcher
  72. Ania Zbyszewska, Assistant Professor, Carleton University 
  73. Amanda Wilson, Associate Professor, Saint Paul University
  74. Tanya Basok, Professor, University of Windsor
  75. Sarah Brouillette, Professor, Carleton University
  76. Jewish graduate student, York University
  77. Carlota McAllister, Associate Professor, York University
  78. Claudia Chaufan, Associate Professor, York University
  79. Theresa Ulicki, Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University
  80. Anonymous, Concordia University
  81. Reena Kukreja, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
  82. Muhannad Ayyash, Professor, Mount Royal University 
  83. Lara Karaian, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  84. William K. Carroll, Professor of Sociology, University of Victoria.
  85. Audra Diptee, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  86. Hepzibah Munoz-Martinez, Professor, University of New Brunswick
  87. Trish Salah, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
  88. Min Sook Lee, Associate Professor, OCAD University
  89. Robin D. G. Kelley, Professor University of California at Los Angeles
  90. Anonymous, York University
  91. Carlos Novas, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  92. Jewish assistant professor, UBC
  93. Azar Masoumi, Assistant Professor, Carleton University
  94. Xiaobei Chen, Carleton University 
  95. Jewish PhD student, Department of English, York University
  96. Deborah Conners, Carleton University
  97. Annalee Yassi, Professor, University of British Columbia
  98. Danielle Dinovelli-Lang, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  99. Leila Pourtavaf, Assistant Professor, York University
  100. Vanessa Lehan, York University
  101. Professor, University of British Columbia
  102. David Moffette, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
  103. Penny Bertrand, York Faculty Ally
  104. Sid Shniad, Founding member, Independent Jewish Voices Canada
  105. Tiana Reid, Assistant Professor, York University 
  106. Vincent Mosco, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University
  107. Daiva Stasiulis, Professor Emerita, Carleton University
  108. Liisa L. North, Professor Emeritus, York University
  109. Usha Viswanathan Associate Professor York University
  110. Anonymous graduate student and research assistant, York University
  111. Anna Lippman, PhD Candidate, York University 
  112. Jade Da Costa, University of Guelph 
  113. Janet Siltanen, Professor Emerita, Carleton University
  114. Rawan Abdelbaki, PhD Candidate (Sociology), Contract Faculty, CUPE 3903 member, York University
  115. Shyam Patel, PhD Student, York University
  116. John Macdonald Retired CUPW Research Specialist
  117. EECS Graduate student, York University
  118. Sarah Martin, Associate Professor, Memorial University
  119. Ari Para, 1st year PHD Student, York University
  120. Alec Brookes, Memorial University 
  121. Elizabeth Sozonchuk, York University 
  122. Laurie Adkin, Professor, University of Alberta
  123. Monica Tang, PhD Student, York University
  124. H. Mahil, President, West Coast Coalition Against Racism (WCCAR), Vancouver
  125. M. V. Ramana, Professor, University of British Columbia
  126. Sabika Zaidi, PhD student, York University
  127. Michael Litwack, Associate Professor, University of Alberta
  128. Beth Capper, Assistant Professor, University of Alberta 
  129. Precarious Faculty, Sessional Assistant Professor, York University 
  130. Chancellor’s Professor, Carleton University
  131. Joseph Hill, University of Alberta
  132. Roberta Lexier, Associate Professor, Mount Royal University
  133. Thomas Marois, Professor, McMaster University
  134. Armenian-Canadian graduate student, York University
  135. Rashmi Luther, Lecturer (Retired), School of Social Work, Carleton University 
  136. Karyn Ball, Professor, the University of Alberta
  137. Cristina Rojas, Carleton University
  138. Darren Gens, Graduate Student, York University
  139. Jean-Michel Landry, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  140. William Flynn, Carleton Univeristy
  141. York MA student, first year
  142. racialized PhD student at York 
  143. Marisa Barnhart, PhD Candidate, York University
  144. York University Political Science MA student
  145. Abidin Kusno, Professor, York University
  146. Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Professor, University of Alberta
  147. Terry Maley, Associate Professor, York University 
  148. Angela Stigliano, PhD student, York University
  149. Norma Rantisi, Professor, Concordia University
  150. emma, PhD Candidate, York university 
  151. Vannina Sztainbok 
  152. Ashlee Christoffersen, York University 
  153. Justin Paulson, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  154. Katarina O’Briain, Assistant Professor, York University
  155. Catherine Kellogg, Professor, University of Alberta
  156. M, Santos, Instructor, Carleton University
  157. David Semaan, PhD candidate
  158. Brenna Bhandar, Associate Professor, UBC
  159. Alberto Toscano, Term Research Associate Professor, Simon Fraser University
  160. Alexandre Da Costa, Associate Professor, University of Alberta
  161. Cynthia Wright, Associate Professor, York University
  162. Selena Couture, Associate Professor, University of Alberta
  163. Todd Gordon Associate Professor Wilfrid Laurier University 
  164. Susan Brophy, Associate Professor, St Jerome’s University
  165. Matt Hern, Solid State Community Industries 
  166. Assistant Professor, University of Alberta
  167. Dyala Hamzah, Associate Professor, Université de Montréal
  168. Shahrzad Mojab
  169. Joshua Sealy-Harrington, Assistant Professor at the Lincoln Alexander School of Law at Toronto Metropolitan University
  170. Harry Glasbeek, Professor Emeritus, Osgoode Hall Law Schoolhool
  171. Jasmin Zine, Professor,  Wilfrid Laurier University
  172. Jody Berland, Professor Emerita, York University
  173. Emily Eaton, Professor, University of Regina
  174. Riyad Abu-Laban, Professor, University of British Columbia
  175. Iman Mersal, Professor, University of Alberta
  176. Honor Brabazon, Associate Professor, St. Jerome’s University in the University of Waterloo
  177. senior lecturer
  178. Sarah Turnbull, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
  179. Marie-Eve Carrier-Moisan, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  180. Clarice Kuhling, Wilfrid Laurier University 
  181. Ethel Tungohan, Associate Professor, York
  182. rosalind hampton, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  183. Colleen Bell, Associate Professor, University of Saskatchewan
  184. Rebecca Comay, Professor, university of Toronto
  185. J. Moufawad-Paul, York University
  186. Daphne Winland, Associate Professor, York University
  187. David Heap, Associate Professor, University of Western Ontario
  188. Katherine Nastovski, Assistant Professor, York University 
  189. Anna Drake, Associate Professor, University of Waterloo
  190. Susan Ferguson, Wilfrid Laurier University
  191. David McNally, Professor Emeritus, York University
  192. Soma Chatterjee, Associate Professor, York University 
  193. Eric Mykhalovskiy, Professor, York University
  194. Merouan Mekouar, Associate Professor, York University
  195. David Mandel. Université du Québec à Montréal
  196. Meg Luxton, Professor Emerita and Senior Scholar, School of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies, York University
  197. Richard Fidler, LL.B. from York University
  198. Tonya Davidson, Carleton University
  199. Non-tenured professor, York University (not adding my name for fear of reprisal and character misrepresentation)
  200. Sonya Scott, Associate Professor, York University
  201. Linda Peake, Professor, York University
  202. Alison Crosby, Associate Professor, York University
  203. Assistant Professor, York University
  204. Deborah Barndt, Professor Emerita, York University
  205. Bryan Evans, Toronto Metropolitan University, Professor
  206. Jillian Fulton-Melanson, York University
  207. Kevin Skerrett, Adjunct Professor, Carleton University
  208. jacinthe michaud, york University
  209. Lorna Weir, Full Professor, York University
  210. Anne O’Connell, Associate Professor, York University
  211. Nalini Persram, York University
  212. Enakshi Dua, Professor, York University
  213. Ali Kazimi, Professor, York University
  214. E. Natalie Rothman, Professor, University of Toronto
  215. Shirin Shahrokni, York University
  216. Alissa Trotz, Professor, University of Toronto
  217. Ratiba Hadj-Moussa, Professor, York University
  218. Hulya Arik, University of Toronto
  219. York faculty member (not giving name for legitimate fear of admin reprisals)
  220. Harjeet Badwall, York University
  221. Maggie FitzGerald, Assistant Professor, University of Saskatchewan
  222. Rebecca Steckle, JD Student Osgoode Hall Law School
  223. Suzanne Weiss, Alumni, activist, Holocaust survivor,author, 
  224. Natalie Oswin, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
  225. Wendy McKeen, Associate Professor, York University
  226. Stephanie Ross, Associate Professor, McMaster University 
  227. Dia Da Costa, University of Alberta
  228. Lindsay, PhD Candidate, York University 
  229. PhD Student, Sociology, York University 
  230. Amanda van Beinum, Assistant Professor, York University
  231. Nicola Short, Associate Professor, York University
  232. Lorna Erwin, Associate Professor, York University
  233. Muna-Udbi Ali, Assistant Professor, York University 
  234. James Thomas, MA student, Sociology, York University 
  235. Penni Stewart, Professor Emerita, York University
  236. Natasha Tusikov, associate professor, York University
  237. Ian Martin, Associate Professor, Glendon
  238. Gary Warrick, True Visitor, York University
  239. Tannara Yelland, former York University PhD student
  240. Nick Aplin, ally
  241. Kim Rygiel, Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  242. Rachel Goffe, UofT faculty
  243. Richard Saunders, Associate Professor, York University 
  244. Jesse York Uni Soci
  245. Marc Couroux, Visual Art & Art History, York
  246. Jeremy Appel, York University Alumni (2013)
  247. Nick Mulé, Professor, York University
  248. Mike Hoolboom
  249. Chris Roberts, Ph.D, York University (2003)
  250. A Mashari, Assistant Professor
  251. Aurra Startup
  252. Christina Sharpe, CRC, Professor, York University 
  253. Ranu Basu Professor, York University 
  254. Judy Rebick, Toronto Metropolitan University
  255. Dr. Sabreena Ghaffar-Siddiqui, Sheridan College
  256. Nada Abdel-Maksoud, JD Student Osgoode Hall Law School 
  257. racialized associate professor, York University
  258. Viviana Patroni, York University
  259. John Sharkey
  260. Tamanisha J. John, Assistant Professor York University 
  261. Simon Black, Associate Professor, Brock University
  262. Ferne Cristall
  263. Anonymous, York University 
  264. Eleanor MacDonald, Associate Professor, Queen’s University
  265. John Greyson, Associate Professor, York University
  266. Peter Eglin, Professor Emeritus, Wilfrid Laurier University
  267. Imaan Bayoumi, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University 
  268. Gökbörü Sarp Tanyildiz, Assistant Professor, Brock University
  269. Oliver Husain, University of Toronto
  270. Lara Khattab, Mount Allison University 
  271. Bill Burgess, Instructor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  272. Richard Fung, Professor Emeritus, OCAD University
  273. Sarah, PhD Candidate, York University (surname withheld due to fear of reprisal)
  274. Megan Gaucher, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  275. micky renders PhD Candidate Environmental Studies Queen’s University
  276. Patricia McDermott, Professor Emerita, York
  277. Vijay, (postdoctoral faculty)
  278. Brett Story, Assistant professor, University of Toronto
  279. Mark Goodman, York University 
  280. Rob Heynen, Associate Professor, York University
  281. Derek Hrynyshyn, York University
  282. PhD Student, Sociology, York University
  283. Peter Gose, Orifessir Emeritus, Carleton University
  284. Janet Conway, Professor Emeritus, Brock University
  285. Wilfrid Denis, PhD, Professor emeritus (St. Thomas Mre College, University of Saskatchewan)
  286. Bill Skidmore, Retired Instructor, Carleton University
  287. Rinaldo Walcott, Alumni
  288. Juan Carlos Martínez, Associate Professor, Mount Allison University
  289. Gary Kinsman, Prodessor Emeritus, Sociology, Laurentian Uhiversity. 
  290. Josephine Savarese 
  291. nancy halifax, Associate Professor, York University
  292. Chris Ramsaroop, New College University of Toronto 
  293. Graduate student, Geography department, UBC
  294. Alex Levant, York University
  295. Asmita Bhutani, Assistant professor, York University 
  296. Paula Schwebel, Associate Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
  297. Stephen D’Arcy, Associate Professor, Huron University College
  298. Winnie Lem, Trent University
  299. Mustafa Koc, Proessor, Toronto Metropolitan University
  300. Judith Marshall, Research Associate, CERLAC
  301. Claire Begbie, Concordia University, PhD student
  302. Krista Lynes, Professor, Concordia
  303. Jordy C. (York University Adjunct Faculty)
  304. Mary Ellen Davis, School of Cinema, Concordia Univ.
  305. David Semaan, PhD candidate, York
  306. SC, Graduate Student, The University of British Columbia
  307. Yasmin Jiwani, Professor Emerita, Concordia University
  308. Laleh Khalili, University of Exeter
  309. Jeffery R. Webber, Professor, Department of Politics, York University 
  310. Ricardo Grinspun, Senior Scholar, York University 
  311. Kiran K. Sunar, Assistant Professor, University of British Columbia
  312. Rehab Nazzal, Concordia University
  313. Blair Kuntz, Librarian, University of Toronto
  314. Vinh Nguyen, University of Waterloo
  315. Charles Levkoe, Associate Professor, Lakehead University
  316. Danielle Landry, PhD Candidate, York University
  317. Yahya El-Lahib, University of Calgary
  318. Francis Dupuis-Déri, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
  319. Joy Moore, Dawson College , Retired faculty faculty 
  320. John Peters, Associate Professor, Memorial University
  321. J. B.  Contract Faculty, York University
  322. Contract Faculty, Glendon College, York University
  323. Jayce Salloum, artist 
  324. RC, Staff, York University
  325. Emily Gilbert, Professor, University of Toronto
  326. Samirah Alkassim, Assistant Professor, George Mason University
  327. Peter Chidiac, Professor, The University of Western Ontario
  328. Kiran Mirchandani, University of Toronto
  329. Assistant professor, Concordia University
  330. Margaret Little, Professor, Queen’s University
  331. Sama Waham, Assistant Professor, Buffalo University [York U Alumna]
  332. Scott Morgensen, Associate Professor, Queen’s University 
  333. Harry John Smaller, Professor Emeritus, Faculty of Education. York University
  334. Amy Bartholomew, Assoc. Professor (ret) Carleton University
  335. Tracy Glynn, Assistant Professor, St. Thomas University
  336. Marcos Ancelovici, Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal (UQAM)
  337. Pouya Valizadeh, Concordia University
  338. Sarah Shamash, Assistant Professor, Emily Carr University of Art and Design 
  339. York University, Muslim Female Associate Professor 
  340. Pascale Dufour, Université de Montréal, professeure titulaire
  341. Sophie L. Van Neste, Associate Professor, INRS
  342. Feyzi Baban, Trent University, Professor
  343. Brenda Longfellow, Professor, York University
  344. Faculty, University of Alberta, concerned by retribution from upper admin.
  345. Christina Andaya, Alumna, York University
  346. Dominique Caouette, Professor, Université de Montréal
  347. Jeffrey S. Brown, Associate Professor, University of New Brunswick
  348. Trevor Purvis, Law & Political Economy, Carleton University (retired) 
  349. Leda Raptis, professor, Queen’s University
  350. Kajri Jain, Pro, University of Toronto 
  351. Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  352. Andrew Brook Carleton U niversity
  353. Vidya Shah, York University 
  354. Colin Mooers, Professor Emeritus, Toronto Metropolitan University
  355. Terri Ginsberg, City University of New York
  356. Stuart Cryer, Cambrian College, retired Professor
  357. David Clipsham, York University
  358. Michaela Beder, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  359. Andrew Dawson, Associate Professor, York University
  360. Lisa Taylor, Faculty, Bishop’s University
  361. Ozgun Topak, Associate Professor, York University
  362. James Cairns, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  363. Zoë Abernethy, MA student, Carleton University 
  364. Jeff Bale, Associate Professor, University of Toronto
  365. Contract faculty member, York University 
  366. PhD Candidate, York University
  367. Richard T. G. Walsh, Professor Emeritus, Wilfrid Laurier University
  368. Retired CUPW representative International Department
  369. Adrian Smith, Associate Professor, York University 
  370. Bernie Hammond, Professor Emeritus, King’s University College, Western
  371. Melanie J. Newton
  372. Dina Al-Kassim, Associate Professor UBC
  373. John Holmes, Professor Emeritus, Queen’s University
  374. Indigo Poirier, St. Thomas University
  375. Heather Mclean, Athabasca University
  376. Sumayya Kassamali, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  377. Donald Burke, Contract Faculty, York University 
  378. Kaitlin Peters, York University, PhD candidate & contract faculty 
  379. Marcia Oliver, Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  380. Peter Fitting professor emeritus University of Toronto 
  381. Mike Burke, Associate Professor Emeritus, Toronto Metropolitan University 
  382. Cathy Gulkin, Documentary filmmaker
  383. Sarah Maiter, Professor, York University
  384. Chandni Desai, faculty, University of Toronto
  385. Chevy Eugene, Dalhousie University
  386. Fay Faraday, Associate Professor, York University
  387. Sam Gindin, Professor Emeritus, York 
  388. Amina Jamal, Professor of Sociology, Toronto Metropolitan University
  389. Aparna Sundar, researcher
  390. Ron Benner
  391. Dirk Groenenberg Farmer
  392. Umair Azam, York University Alumni
  393. Nahla Abdo, Chancellor’s Professor/Carleton University
  394. Justin Piché, Associate Professor, Criminology, uOttawa
  395. Martha Stiegman, Associate Professor, York University
  396. Sheila Delany, Emerita SFU
  397. 2nd Year PhD Student, York University
  398. Dip Kapoor, Professor, University of Alberta
  399. Dionne Brand, Hon. Doctor of Letters, York University
  400. Phil Ryan, Associate Professor, Carleton University
  401. Saeed Rahnema, Professor, rtd. York University
  402. Anti-War, MA Sociology Student, York University
  403. Natalie Kouri-Towe, Associate Professor, Concordia University
  404. Haideh Moghissi, Emerita Professor, York University 
  405. Gavin Smith, professor emeritus, university of toronto
  406. Paul Eid, professor, Université du Québec à Montréal
  407. Sunera Thobani, Professor, University of British Columbia
  408. Karin Brothers, writer
  409. Reza Nakhaie, Professor, University of Windsor
  410. Elizabeth Whitmore,Carleton University
  411. Qui Alexander, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto 
  412. Buddhika Bellana, Assistant Professor, York University, Glendon Campus
  413. Tia Dafnos, Associate Professor, University of New Brunswick
  414. Shahnaz Khan, Professor Emerita, Wilfrid Laurier University
  415. Orçun Turan, Schulich School of Business, PhD candidate and Teaching Assistant
  416. R. Magaly San Martin, Professor Sheridan College
  417. Stephen Rockel, University of Toronto, Associate Professor
  418. Suzanne Mills, Associate Professor, McMaster University 
  419. Areej Alsh 
  420. Mireya Folch-Serra, Professor Emerita, Western University
  421. Kyo Maclear, PhD, York University
  422. CM Sharp, New York University
  423. Adam Molnar, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo 
  424. Sociologist and retired lecturer University of Montreal
  425. Jennie Hornosty – retired professor University of New Brunswick and York alumni 
  426. Joe Curnow, Associate Professor, University of Manitoba
  427. Charles McFadden, retired Professor, University of New Brunswick
  428. Viqar Husain, Professor, University of New Brunswickk
  429. Madeline C, Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry, Western University, Resident Physician 
  430. Asmaa Maloul, University of Toronto, PhD
  431. Dr abrahim Weizfeld Phd ex-faculty York University
  432. Siobhan Byrne, Associate Professor, University of Alberta
  433. Paul Hamel, Professor, University of Toronto
  434. Malcolm Blincow, Associate Prof. Emeritus, York University
  435. Mark Goodman, York University
  436. Walid El Khachab, Associate Professor, York University
  437. Martha Ruben, MD, PhD Retired Scientist
  438. Shane Giofu, University of Guelph, Public Issues Anthropology MA Student
  439. Bhavani Raman, Associate Professor, University of Toronto 
  440. Alanna Thain, Associate Professor, McGill University
  441. Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology
  442. Fuyuki Kurasawa, Associate Professor, York University
  443. Issam Alyamani, York University , graduate  
  444. Sara Carpenter, Associate Professor, University of Alberta
  445. Jennifer Turnbull, Visiting Scholar, Dahdaleh Institute of Global Health Research, York University
  446. Emily van der Meulen, Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
  447. Jan DeFehr, Associate Professor, University of Winnipeg
  448. Dror Warschawski, Professeur associé, UQAM, Québec
  449. Philippe Bourdin, Senior Scholar, York University
  450. Dawn Moore Professor Carleton University
  451. Randa Farah, Associate Professor, WesternU
  452. Adam Rahman, Associate Professor of Medicine, Western University 
  453. Michelle Hartman, McGill University
  454. Genevieve Ritchie, University of Toronto 
  455. Paul Gray, Assistant Professor, Brock University
  456. Francesca Vidotto, CRC, professor, Western University
  457. Associate Professor, York University
  458. Non-tenured professor, University of Toronto 
  459. Erica Lawson
  460. Kamala Kempadoo, Professor Emerita, York University 
  461. Eric Shragge Retired Associate Professor Concordia University
  462. Mary Jo Iozzio, PhD, Boston College
  463. Kathy Bischoping, Associate Professor, York University
  464. Nataleah Hunter-Young, Assistant Professor, Western University
  465. unsettled PhD candidate, York University
  466. Contract faculty, York University
  467. Assistant professor, Huron University College 
  468. Reiss Kruger, Chair of the CSA Social Theory Research Clusterlu
  469. Xavier Lafrance, Professeur, Université du Québec à Montréal
  470. Madeliene Merrick, PhD Student, York University
  471. Anonymous, McGill University 
  472. Juanita Stephen, Asst. Prof @ University of Windsor, York U Alumna
  473. Mark Peacock, York University (faculty)
  474. Sabine LeBel, University of New Brunswick
  475. Janice Paquette, retired sociologist
  476. Ali Hussein
  477. Alex Bardo, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
  478. Kari Brozowski Associate Professor Wilfrid Laurier University
  479. Hugh Armstrong, Professor Emeritus, Carleton University
  480. Stephanie Latty, Assistant Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University 
  481. Brian Mossop, York University
  482. Sharon Cicciarella, York University
  483. David Palumbo-Liu, Professor, Stanford University
  484. Lucinda Ro, PhD Student, York University
  485. Mostafa Milani, Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario
  486. Elric “Elk” Paauw, Lecturer, Western University 
  487. Racialized Muslim pre-tenure faculty member, York University
  488. PhD Candidate, Sociology, York University
  489. Bonnie MacLachlan, Professor Emerita, Western University
  490. Tom Malleson, Associate Professor, King’s University College at Western University
  491. Val Marie Johnson, Associate Professor, Saint Mary’s University
  492. Lauren Richter, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  493. R M  PhD candidate University of Toronto
  494. PhD candidate, University of Toronto, WGSI
  495. Sylvia Bawa, Associate Professor, York University
  496. Lara Farah, York University
  497. Klaire Gain, Assistant Professor, King’s University College
  498. J.T., Contract Faculty, York University
  499. Morgan Poteet, Mount Allison University
  500. Shaunasea Brown, Wilfrid Laurier University 
  501. PhD student in Sociology at York University
  502. Firoza Elavia, Adjunct Faculty, York University
  503. Anna Willats – faculty (retired) AWCCA, George Brown College
  504. Ph.D. Candidate, EUC at York University
  505. Alexandra Berceanu, OCAD University, MFA Candidate
  506. ComCult MA Student, Toronto Metropolitan University
  507. Graham Caldwell, master’s student
  508. Raluca Bejan, Assistant Professor, Dalhousie University 
  509. Marcelo Vieta, OISE/University of Toronto
  510. Enda Brophy, Simon Fraser University
  511. Gerry Chidiac, Instructor, UNBC
  512. John Krinsky, Professor, The City College of New York 
  513. L. Anders Sandberg, Professor, York University
  514. Muhammd Ali Khalidi, Graduate Center, City University of New York (CUNY)
  515. Joseph Carens, Professor Emeritus, University of Toronto
  516. Tracy Supruniuk – York University
  517. Jennifer Nedelsky, Professor, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
  518. Yvonne Lau, Master of Social Work Student, York University
  519. Ryan Toews, Alumni, York University
  520. Another PhD Candidate, York University
  521. Pat Clark, York University 
  522. Linzi Manicom, Affiliated Scholar, New College, U of T
  523. Meg Luxton, professor Emerita, York University
  524. Ésery Mondésir, Alum, York University 
  525. Kristin Lozanski, Associate Professor, King’s University College at Western University 
  526. Stephan Dobson, Contract Faculty, York University
  527. Shozab Raza, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  528. Gamal Abdel-Shehid, Associate Professor, York University
  529. Marsha Rampersaud, York University
  530. John Liss 1972 LL.B.
  531. Nabil Tahani, Associate Professor, York University 
  532. Cheryl Gaster, Alumna, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University
  533. Matt Tegelberg, York University
  534. John Humphrey
  535. Untenured professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  536. David Szablowski, Associate Professor, York University
  537. Murray Lumley, Mcmaster University Alumnus
  538. Elham Akbari, PhD Student, York University 
  539. York University Graduate Student in Education, OCT Certified Teacher
  540. Peter Flaherty, Contract Faculty, York University
  541. Ena Dua, Professor, York University
  542. Ayshia Musleh, Alumni, York University
  543. Luz Maria Vazquez, Contract Faculty, York University
  544. Benazir, York University 
  545. Ruth Felder, Associate Teaching Professor, Ontario Tech University
  546. Ayshia Musleh, Alumni, York University
  547. Regine Schmid
  548. Alejandro Mayoral Banos, PhD Alumni, York University
  549. Jess Notwell, Assistant Professor, King’s Univeristy College at Western 
  550. Phil Boyle, University of Waterloo
  551. Harriet Friedmann, Professor Emerita of Sociology, University of Toronto
  552. Michael Zryd, Associate Professor, York University
  553. Peige Desjarlais, PhD candidate, York University 
  554. Victoria Freeman, retired instructor, York University
  555. Pat Clark, Sessional Assistant Professor, York University
  556. Safiyah Rochelle, Assistant Professor, York University 
  557. Nandita Sharma, Professor, Sociology, University of Hawaii at Manoa (and former faculty at York University)
  558. Yogendra Shakya, Director, Global Equity Matters(GEM) Institute 
  559. Bridget Anderson Bristol University
  560. Sheri Osden Nault, Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario, & York University alumni
  561. Lisa Guenther, Queen’s University 
  562. Rosemary Coombe, Professor, York University
  563. Lalaie Ameeriar, Associate Professor, Department of Anthropology, York University
  564. Rita Kaur Dhamoon, Associate Professor, UVIC
  565. Emma Feltes, Assistant Professor, Anthropology, York University
  566. David Murray, Department of Anthropology, York University
  567. Natasha Myers, Associate Professor, York University
  568. Patricia Landolt, Professor of Sociology UofT
  569. Canisia Lubrin, Alumna
  570. Werner Jungbluth, York University 
  571. Muhammad Rashid, Retired Professor, UNB
  572. MS, CUNY Graduate Center
  573. OmiSoore Dryden, Alumni
  574. Mona Oikawa, Associate Professor, York University
  575. Atiya Husain, Assistant Professor, Carleton University
  576. Nancy Irwin
  577. Emily Green, Alumni, York University
  578. Madeleine Ritts, Adjunct Professor
  579. Ahmed Allahwala, Professor of Human Geography, University of Toronto
  580. Sami Alwani, Assistant Professor, OCAD University
  581. Erin McIntosh
  582. PhD student, York University
  583. Laurence Butet-Roch, PhD Candidate, Environmental Studies
  584. Dakota Gomez, PhD Candidate 
  585. Racialized PhD student, YorkU Faculty of Education
  586. Sehrish Malik, York University 
  587. Michaela Michalak, Doctoral Candidate, York University
  588. Zoe Druick, Professor, SFU (Alumna)
  589. Sherry Ostapovitch, PhD student, University of Toronto
  590. Jazz Cook, York University alumnus
  591. Lisa Sloniowski, Associate Librarian, York University
  592. Vanessa Lamb, Associate Professor, York University
  593. Anke Heiser
  594. Jeff Tennant, University of Western Ontario
  595. Anita Castelino, Alum, York University
  596. Simon Granovsky-Larsen, Associate Professor, University of Regina
  597. Norma Möllers, Associate Professor, Queen‘s University 
  598. Contract Faculty, Queen’s University
  599. Radhika Mongia, Associate Professor, York University
  600. Lucy Luccisano Associate Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  601. Omme-Salma Rahemtullah, Alumni
  602. b.h. Yael, Professor and Interim Chair, Faculty of Art, OCAD University
  603. habibe baba, adjunct assistant professor, Queen’s University
  604. Melissa Marschke, Professor, University of Ottawa
  605. Macdonald Scott 
  606. Melissa Houghtaling, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
  607. Brenda Barker Scott, PhD
  608. Grace Labelle-Scott, Brock University undergraduate student
  609. Craig Fortier, Associate Professor, Social Development Studies, University of Waterloo (Renison University College) 
  610. Shiri Pasternak, Associate Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
  611. Carolyn Prouse, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
  612. Nishant Upadhyay, York Alumna (PhD SPT 2016)
  613. Gitanjali Lena, Legale Services, Osgoode Hall LLM Graduate 
  614. Bronwyn Bjorkman, Associate Professor Queen’s University
  615. Colin Hastings, Assistant Professor, University of Waterloo
  616. Ellie Perkins, York University professor
  617. Greg Shupak, University of Guelph-Humber 
  618. Vanessa E. Thompson, Assistant Professor, Queen’s University
  619. Charmaine Chua, Assistant Professor, UC Santa Barbara
  620. Kevin Bruyneel, Babson College, Professor of Politics
  621. Glen Coulthard, University of British Columbia 
  622. Kendra Strauss, Director, The Labour Studies Program, SFU
  623. Marina Morrow Professor School of Health Policy and Management
  624. Anne Rubenstein, Professor, York University
  625. Soma Chatterjee, Associate Professor, York University 
  626. Sarah Maiter, Professor, York University
  627. Merle Jacobs, Associate Professor, Equity Studies, York University
  628. Nga Dao, Associate Professor, York University
  629. Anonymous, Queen’s University
  630. Ranu Basu, Professor, York University
  631. Thabit A.J. Abdullah, Professor, York U
  632. Katie MacDonald
  633. Muna Saleh, Associate Professor, Concordia University of Edmonton 
  634. Liam Midzain-Gobin, Assistant Professor, Brock University
  635. Minoo Derayeh, Associate Professor, York University
  636. L. Visano,  Professor, York University 
  637. Vasanthi Venkatesh, Faculty of Law, University of Windsor
  638. E. Haque, Professor, York
  639. Jocelyn Hallman, Faculty, Capilano University
  640. Laura Pin, Assistant Professor, Wilfrid Laurier University
  641. John Carlaw, Senior Research Associate, Toronto Metropolitan University, York University Contract, Faculty Member and Alumni
  642. Chris Little, PhD candidate, York University
  643. Pre-tenured racialized Assistant Professor, Queen’s University 
  644. Aaida Mamuji, Associate Professor, York University
  645. Uahikea Maile, Assistant Professor, University of Toronto
  646. Jin Haritaworn, Associate Professor, York
  647. Kamala Kempadoo, Professor Emerita, York University
  648. Morgan Corbett, PhD. Candidate, York University
  649. Shreya G., York University, PhD 
  650. Khaoula Bengezi, York University, PhD Candidate
  651. najwa Alsilwadi, PhD Candidate in Social work at York University”
  652. Mélissa Blais, Université du Québec en Outaouais
  653. Michèle Nevert, Professeure associée, UQAM, Montréal
  654. David Semaan, York PhD candidate 
  655. Mayada Elsabbagh
  656. Barbara Cameron Associate Professor Emerita
  657. Geneviève Pagé, Professor, Université du Québec à Montréal 
  658. Isabel Côté, professeure titulaire, Université du Québec en Outaouais
  659. Assistant Professor, York University
  660. Sabine Fernandes, York University, PhD student
  661. Mike Kenny, PhD student, York University
  662. Gulzar R. Charania, Associate Professor, University of Ottawa
  663. Christopher Huxley, Professor Emeritus, Trent University
  664. Lisa Nussey, RM, PhD student UofT Dalla Lana  School of Public Health
  665. Michel Lacroix, UQAM
  666. Aviva Fiona, student, York University. 
  667. Michael Ma, Instructor, Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  668. JoAnn Jaffe, Professor, University of Regina
  669. Erdem Kaya, PhD Candidate, York University
  670. Johannes Chan, PhD student, York University 
  671. Lex Arsenault, graduate student, York University 
  672. Inayah Sakhawat, University of Toronto student
  673. Patricia Ki, MSW, York University
  674. Youran Wu, University of Toronto undergraduate student
  675. Wing Lam Lee, Ally
  676. MA Student, GFWS, York University
  677. Mello Fang, York University alumna
  678. Julius Alexander, community member
  679. Simmi Sekhon, York University
  680. Rudia Nam, Grad Student, York University 
  681. Evan Ubene, M.A.Sc, McMaster University 
  682. Priya Moraes, community ally
  683. Joshua Falek, PhD Candidate, York University 
  684. Patrick Teed, York University
  685. Emily Hall, York University alumni
  686. Yoonhee Lee, Librarian, University of Toronto
  687. Nigel, York University, EUC Alumni (2021)
  688. Jasmine Mohamed, EUC Alumni – York University
  689. Laura Grier, Phd Student, York University
  690. Damien Yong
  691. Katie Hemsworth, Postdoctoral Fellow, Nipissing University
  692. Abeer Ali, York University
  693. Najwa Rahmani, University of Calgary, Graduate Student
  694. Bianca Beauchemin, Assistant Professor, York University 
  695. Aya Fakhri, York University student
  696. Anonymous, MES, York
  697. Suad Ahmed, PhD student, Yorku
  698. David Semaan, PhD, York University 
  699. Yasha S.  York University, Ph.D 
  700. Nirali Patel – McMaster University, MSW Candidate 
  701. Ola Mohammed, Assistant Professor, York University
  702. MES Candidate, York University 
  703. Laila M, PhD Candidate, York University
  704. Omer Aijazi, University of Manchester
  705. Emi Tomioka, York MSW graduate
  706. Sarah, 4th year undergraduate and staff, York University
  707. Graduate MeD Student, UofT
  708. Nadine Violette, York University 
  709. Gital Gosai 
  710. Jake Morrow, PhD Candidate – Queen’s University, BA York University – 2017.
  711. Hannah, York University, Jewish PhD Candidate
  712. Laura Sbrizzi, York University Alumni
  713. Janelle Brady, Assistant Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University
  714. Rob Jackson, University of Alberta Lecturer
  715. Saige Patti, alumna, University of British Columbia
  716. Graduate Student
  717. Dr abrahim Weizfeld Phd ex-faculty York University Glendon Poli Sci
  718. University of Toronto
  719. Jacob Serruya W.
  720. PhD Candidate, Graduate Program in Science and Technology Studies, York University 
  721. Benazir Shah
  722. Vincci Li, York University
  723. Third-year environmental studies PhD student, York University 
  724. Wangui Kimari, York University Alumi, African Centre for Cities
  725. James Cohen, Emeritus Professor, Sorbonne Nouvelle
  726. contract faculty, york university
  727. RoberRobert Boyce, Emeritus Reader, London School of Economics
  728. Kim Jackson, Yok Alumni
  729. Neve Gordon, Queen Mary University of London
  730. Michael Reinsborough, Lecturer, SOAS, University of London
  731. Nausheen Quayyum, Contract Faculty, York University
  732. Julie Guard, University of Manitoba (York alum)
  733. anon, fourth year anthropology student, York University
  734. Vinnie Collins, PhD Candidate, York University
  735. Adrienne Young, PhD Student in Social Work
  736. Htet Min Lwin, PhD student, York University