University of Montreal's SGPPUM passes Boycott motion

University of Montreal’s SGPPUM is the first Canadian Faculty Association to call for a boycott of Israeli Universities! The historic motion was passed unanimously March 22nd by the SGPPUM Council, amid growing mobilization by students and faculty. Since then, motions to boycott Israel have been adopted by 8 departments of the Faculty of Arts and Science at University of Montreal. Although a 2022 boycott motion brought before the university Senate was defeated, bilateral agreements with Israeli universities were subsequently reduced from 10 to 4. Most recently an egregious agreement with Ariel University – an institution housed on illegally occupied Palestinian land – was cancelled, reducing the number to 3. University of Montreal still maintains three agreements with Israeli universities: Tel Aviv, Hebrew and Ben Gurion. Nevertheless, the times are changing, particularly amid growing concern over the university Chancellor’s involvement with an Israeli military consortium.